Introducing Traqmate
Track Systems Technologies, LLC
announces the release of Traqmate,
racing analysis tools which use high
speed GPS data acquisition...and
Traqview replay software so you can
Replay Your Day

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Traqmate Complete
[930001] $999.00

The Traqmate Complete system
steps up the data acquisition game
with an ergonomically designed
display unit that allows in-car
configuration of your data collection
sessions and real-time laptimes.
The display unit doubles as a data
storage device powered by your PC’
s USB port.


- Traqmate GPS Sensor Unit
- Traqmate Display Unit w/ backlight
- Traqview Analysis Software for
Windows TM
- Magnetic mount GPS antenna
- Velcro for mounting SU and DU
- USB cable (DU to PC)
- DIN extension cable - 6ft or 12ft
(SU to DU)
- Cigarette lighter or 12VDC power


Options available: SU mounting tray,
DU mounting bracket, TraqPaq
battery pack.

Unique modes such as G-force,
Lapping, and Drive modes are all
selectable. Stores multiple users,
cars, and tracks so you can
customize your driving experience.
Replay your day even faster with the
USB data interface.

Traqview software allows you to
quickly upload your sessions,
analyze them, and store them for
future reference. Add new cars,
drivers, and tracks to the Traqmate
Complete System.

Traqview’s innovative Multi-car
Playback lets you create virtual
races between different cars at
different times on the same track.
Zoom in to find out why your car was
faster last time or why your friend is
faster today.
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